Monday, 21 January 2013

The second video is online of our new Youtube comedy channel

Hi there,
And welcome back to our Blog from 2oldmenandablonde. There where we try to become Youtube Stars, creating a Youtube Comedy Channel.

Today we have put our second video online. At the end of this video Björn tells a great story about a German guy jumping in a frozen pool and hurting his ass.The rest of this video is about 3 guys trying to become YouTube stars / YouTube partners. In this second episode Lenny battles with Kevin and Björn, cause K+B just want to let the camera roll and film whatever happens. And Lenny wants to plan more, write scripts and make storyboards.  At the end they will ask you to help them become YouTube stars and follow them and see if they will succeed or fail trying to become YouTube stars.

The second video on this post is the video Björn was talking about in our video. It is the video from a German guy who tries to jump in a frozen pool. He then finds out that the ice is to thick and he hurts his ass. I personally think that Björn is a great story teller and that we should make more items like this in our show. I am curious what you guys (the audience) thinks of that? Do you think Björn is a great story teller? And do you think he told the story of the german guy trying to jump in a frozen pool in a funny way?

Hope to hear from everybody, cause we would like to improve our show
and we can't do that without your help.

Greetings 2oldmenandablonde

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