Monday, 28 January 2013

Lenny is getting frustrated - 3rd episode 2oldmenandablonde

Hi there,
And welcome back to our Blog from 2oldmenandablonde. There where we try to become Youtube Stars, creating a Youtube Comedy Channel.

Today we have put our third video online. In this 3rd episode of 2oldmenandablonde Lenny is getting frustrated. They are trying to become YouTube stars / YouTube partners and Lenny wants to plan more, make sketches, do script writing and become more professional. Björn and Kevin on the other hand just want to let the camera roll and film while they are talking and making fun. They also explain the audience how to help them getting more views, subscribers and comments. At the end they will ask you to help them become YouTube stars and follow them and see if they will succeed or fail trying to become YouTube stars.

We are online now for two weeks and i am happy to tell everybody that we have allready 24 subscribers and 633 views on our 2 videos. It's a start and we'll keep working on improving our videos and making them more funny and entertaining!

I have also been working on making 5 tutorials for our audience. In these tutorials we explain them how they can create a Youtube account and a Youtube channel. So then they can subscribe to our channel if they want. And when they make a Youtube channel they can also start commenting on our videos. Cause we are trying to be interactive with our audience/viewers. We are asking them a question at the end of every show. In the following episode we always show the most funny comments from our audience/viewers.

I will make a post somewhere this week with the tutorial videos. I hope they can be a great help to anybody!

I hope you like our videos!!

Greetings 2oldmenandablonde

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