Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The first video is online of our new Youtube Channel

Hello There,

Yesterday we have finally put our first Video Online. We are no Youtube Stars yet, cause we only have 150 views after the first day, but the start is there.

Our first video is about: 3 guys trying to become YouTube stars / YouTube partners. In this first episode Lenny totally screws it up and stutters and stumbles trying to give a quick introduction of his crew members Kevin and Bj├Ârn. They then comment on his stuttering and stumbling and have a good laugh while they are making fun of Lenny. At the end they will ask you to help them become YouTube stars and follow them and see if they will succeed or fail trying to become YouTube stars.

On Facebook we had quiet some good comments and loads of our friends where so kind to share the video on there Wall. We have gained 12 subscribers after the first day and i hope this will continue.

In the coming shows we will ask our viewers to help us to get more views on our Youtube  videos/Channel. We will ask them to help us to get more likes on our Youtube videos. And we will ask them to help us getting more subscribers on our Youtube Channel. Cause you never know, they might have a brilliant idea how to gain more Subscribers, likes, comments and views.

I am excited about the reactions of next weeks Video, cause i think it is a bit more funny then the first episode which we have launched yesterday. 

Greetz from the 2oldmenandablonde

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