Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to make a Youtube channel - 2013 - Tutorial

Hi there to all the fans of 2oldmenandablonde,

Yesterday we have uploaded a video tutorial where we explain how to make a Youtube channel. we showed 3 different ways to do it. The following is the link which you need for option 3. https://accounts.google.com/NewAccount

The 3 ways of how to make a Youtube channelare: 1 with an existing Gmail or Google account, 2 sign in through the Youtube website and 3 by creating a Google account.

Why would people want to make a Youtube channel? Cause then they can subscribe to other channels, comment on their videos and make playlist of the videos that they like! You can also create your own channel and upload awesome videos that you make and want to share with your friends and followers.

We have made this video, cause loads of our friends didn't knew how to create a Youtube channel or Youtube account. That's why they asked us if we could make a video about how to make a Youtube channel/account. For us it is very importing that our fans know how to get a Youtube channel or that they know how to make a Youtube channel. We from 2oldmenandablonde just want to help our fans in creating a Youtube channel so that they can subscribe to our channel and comment on our videos

We will make a extra post with the text version of this tutorial.

I hope this tutorial is a great help for everybody!

Please comment, subscribe and rate :-)

greetings the team from 2oldmenandablonde

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