Tuesday, 26 February 2013

POPE MOBILE JOB OR NOT? - Episode 7 - 2oldmenandablonde

Hello to all our fans,
This week we have uploaded our 7th episode of 2oldmenandablonde. From up this week unfortunately we are  not able to upload a video every week anymore. From now on we are going to upload a video every 3 weeks. And hopefully in further future we will be able again to upload a video every 2 weeks.

In this 7th episode oldmen1 is deciding if he is going to take the pope mobile job which Don Leo offered him in the last episode.

Oldmen1 got a job offered by a mystery man last episode. It later turned out that it had something to do with the pope car or the Italian way, papa mobile. In this 7th episode he tells the mystery man (Don Leo) that he is not going to take the pope mobile job cause, he has found a better job with a better driving position. We also show a funny timelapse/stopmotion video which the Blonde made when he was bored in the Bologna Airport. And we show a sneak preview of the 2oldmen training for the big ice hockey match which is coming up.

In the second part of our show we are trying to communicate with our fans by asking them a question. We hope that we get some feedback, cause we are no professionals yet. And we are hoping that our fans can help us become better and funnier. Cause we admit that we still have to learn a lot:-)

We hope you have enjoyed our 7th episode!

greetings 2oldmenandablonde

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