Tuesday, 19 February 2013

HEROIC MAN TRIES TO SAVES WOMAN - Episode 6 - 2oldmenandablonde

Hello there friends and fans of 2oldmenandablonde,

Yesterday we have uploaded our 6th Video on our Youtube comedy channel. We have done a lot with the critics we got. We hope that you can laugh more about our funny video this time??

In this 6th episode of 2oldmenandablonde a heroic man tries to saves a woman and Oldmen1 is getting offered a job by a mystery man from the country of the Vatican.

The man who tries to save a woman later finds out she is just a crazy girl having some fun in a park. Oh by the way the man thinks he is the Baywatch man and he was hoping on a thriller instead of a crazy girl in the park. Oldmen1 gets a job offered by a mystery man. It later turns out that it has something to do with the pope car or the Italian way, papa mobile.

In the second part of our show we are trying to communicate with our fans by asking them a question. We hope that we get some feedback, cause we are no professionals yet. And we are hoping that our fans can help us become better and funnier. Cause we admit that we still have to learn a lot:-)

Greetings 2oldmenandablonde

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