Monday, 11 February 2013

igloo building with the 2oldmen our 5th episode of 2oldmenandablonde

 Hello there viewers, fans and friends,

We have uploaded our 5th episode of 2oldmenandablonde. We are hoping that you can see that we are trying to become a bit more professional. We hope that you like this episode and that it isn't to long.

This is where the 5th episode is about:
In this 5th episode of 2oldmenandablonde the two old men are gonna go igloo building in an ice hotel. But the igloo building chief isn't very happy with them. They have to clean the igloo bar, clean the toilets and they have to carry the ice blocks from one spot to another. At the end they are also gonna do some shaping on the inside wall of the igloo. They are also looking for some more work and they are making funny advertising sharing there phone number with their fans.

In the second part of our show we are trying to communicate with our fans by asking them if they think our igloo episode is to long or to short. We hope that we get some feedback, cause we are no professionals yet. And we are hoping that our fans can help us become better and funnier. Cause we admit that we still have to learn a lot:-)

This is the link of the Iglu-village from our friend:

The iglu village is a real nice place where you also can arrange Company events.

We hope you have enjoyed our 5th episode. And we hope we have made you laugh a bit:-)

Greetings 2oldmenandablonde

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