Friday, 29 March 2013

Falling people - during - ice skating - ice hockey - training

Hello there fans of 2oldmenandablonde,

This 8th episode is really HILARIOUS, if you like to see PEOPLE FALLING on ice.

In this 8th episode of 2oldmenandablonde we see falling people (the2oldmen) during a ice skating training. They are training for a ice hockey match where they are gonna play against professionals. The ice skating skills from the 2oldmen are very bad not to speak of the ice hockey skills, cause they are even worse.

One oldmen made some nice falls and he thereby gave the Cameraman some nice hockey bloopers. This video therefore turned out to be a funny video of funny falling people. 

So if you like hockey dangles and see people falling on ice make sure to watch this video!

Thanx for watching and make sure to watch our Harlem Shake old school ski style in the Axamer Lizum. I'll post it today :-)

Greetings from 2oldmenandablonde

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