Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How Animals Pick Up a Girl - original

Our latest video,..we hope you like it!!
Have you seen the How animals eat their food video asks the man to the woman. He then tells her, he will show her How animals pick up a Girl. It's a short video with a nice twist.

We got the idea of MrEpicMann his video of how animals eat their food. We came up with a new subject and we think we are the first once that have put the How animals pick up a Girl video online on Youtube. But the Upload date will tell the truth :-) We hope we can create a sort of Harlem shake effect, so that more people will start to make different versions from the original How Animals eat their food Video. We also want to thank MrEpicMann, for making the Fantastic video. And hopefully we will start of a How Animals viral videos.

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