Thursday, 6 December 2012

The first post on the blog!

Hello there, 

This is the first post that i am making on our new Blog "2 Old men and a blond".
I still have to do some work on the layout of the Blog, but i will slowly slowly catch the monkey! I am making this Blog together with Kevin and Björn they are the "2 old men" and you can guess it,......i am the Blond (Lenny).

We want to become Youtube Stars. From up January 2013 we are going to upload a Video every week,....well at least that is what we are going to try.

In our show "2 Old men and a blond" on Youtube you can follow us and see if we will become Youtube Stars. Cause to be honest, big is the chance that we are going to make it? Well i'll guess not so big :-)

But on the other hand,..there is other people on this Planet that have done it. So we'll just gonna give it a shot!! 

In our Show we will give you little insights in our lives, the frustrations between the 3 of us, short funny videos, the viewers interactive HELP section and updates of our views and subscribers on our Youtube Channel.

What is the Viewers interactive HELP section:
-Cause we are not very experienced we are going to see if the viewers can help us try to become a Youtube Star. From up the 2nd episode viewers/subscribers can communicate with us through the Commenting box of the Video on Youtube. In the following episode we will then show the funniest and most helpfully comments. 

I hope you enjoyed my first post and hopefully you'll come back to see if we are already Youtube Stars.

In my next post i am going to explain more about the Connection and Complications between Björn, Kevin and me.

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